Private Tour by Action Tours Aruba ATV's Adventures

Alto Vista Trail – By Action Tours Aruba Today, Tuesday, March 17, was a de-stress day. I decided to walk along the Alto Vista trail which goes from the chapel to the north coast. This magical path makes you feel like you are in a child’s storybook. Charming rock formations feed your imagination and take you back to a mystical world, an aloe garden makes you feel like a curious Gulliver. Captivated by the beauty of the landscape you will be impressed by the blue ocean ahead of you; and when you think you saw it all, your attention will be focus on rock in perfect balance. What a challenge ahead of you. Are you able to resemble such formation? Oh yea! We did it!   Note: Action Tours provided us with an ATV (all- terrain vehicle 4×4 off road) that took us to Alto Vista Chapel. Action Tours is a family company that operates guided tours on ATV’s and UTV’s around the island of Aruba.
The Rock in Perfect Balance