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Come and enjoy the spectacular views of the scenic desert, rock formations and amazing coast side, creating memories that will last a lifetime on board of these amazing vehicles:
ATV’s & UTV’s.
Join the hundreds of satisfied first timers and repeater customers who chose Action Tours with confidence and place us in a higher rank of Trip Advisor activities on Aruba. Fun and excitement is guaranteed for singles, couples and families.

We are looking forward to having a great off-road adventure with you!  If you have upcoming trips with Action Tours or are thinking about booking a trip in the near future, we are confident that you will feel much more at ease knowing that Action Tour team is committed to making your trip safe and fun!

For your safety and for the safety of others, if you are feeling unwell, we offer flexible cancellations with your prompt refund. Learn more about our protocols.

ATVs and UTVs Tours

Seven Aruba Wonders

On-Island Excursion

Escape from the crowds – limited to 8 vehicles – this exclusive guided off-road ATV/UTV tour takes you and your family to discover eight amazing natural wonders. You can combine ATV’s and UTV’s. The tour has a duration of 3 1/2 hours approximately, including transportation to and from hotels, apartments, and Airbnb’s All taxes are included. No hidden fees.

  • ATV Single $140

    Aruba Wonders - Single Rider
    Single Rider price per person

  • ATV Double $180

    Aruba Wonders - Double Rider
    Price per vehicle / 2 pxs per vehicle

  • UTV 2 People $230

    Aruba Wonders - 2 persons Side by Side
    Price per vehicle / 2 pxs per vehicle

  • UTV 4 People $350

    Aruba Wonders - UTV Family Vehicle
    Price per vehicle / 4 passengers

Our Excursions take you on an adventurous experience visiting the best Natural Wonders in Aruba

  1. Black Stone Beach
  2. Three Bridges
  3. Pass by Andicuri Beach
  4. Pass by Ayo Rock Formation
  5. Cave Pool with cliff jumping
  6. Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins
  7. Baby Natural Bridge
  8. Wariruri Beach

The tour has a duration of 4 hours approximately.


  • Helmets, Pick-up & drop off from hotels, apartments and Airbnb.

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This tour takes you on an adventurous experience

Round-trip transportation

Automatic transmission vehicles! English Speaking excursion guides!

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