Off-roading with Action Tours

We, at Action Tours were extremely happy with the visit of this lovely group of young ladies that came on a week vacation to Aruba and took the Natural Pool Adventure.

As women of action, they embrace the challenge of driving their ATV’s for the ultimate off-road adventure toward the Natural Pool. Wearing matching googles and colorful bandanas the group hit the road to capture views and unique moments to create a memorable off-road Aruba’s experience.

We would like to thank them for choosing Action Tours and for sharing their experience as “The best day of my life”

We hope to see you back in our ‘one happy island’ for another off-road adventure around Aruba.

Note: To discover many of Aruba’s hidden treasures it is recommended to take an all-terrain vehicle as many of these sites are located on the rocky shoreline north coast of Aruba.


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The best day of my life