Dande di Aruba, a typical tradition to open the New Year. A group of musicians with a guitar, a violin and a guiro will go from one home to another singing and improvising good wishes for each member of the family mentioning a person’s name and blessings according to everyone needs. The singer will pass around the hat, and the ones receiving the blessings will deposit money for good luck.
This local tradition started around 1880 and even though at some point in time, it was forgotten, a group of local concerned musicians decided to keep this tradition alive and continue with it for the younger generations.

‘Oh dande bendiciona nos dushi isla’ Ay nobe;
‘Oh Dande bendiciona nos dushi bishitante’ Ay nobe.
Wishing you as our guest blessings, health and happiness on 2023!


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Oh Dande Bendiciona Aruba … Ay nobe!