ATV's - UTV's: Recommended vehicles to visit Caves

Of the several caves of Aruba, three of them are well known. All three of the caves are in the Arikok National Park. The most prominent are Guadirikiri Cave, the Fontein Cave and the Huliba Cave (The Tunnel of Love). Nocturnal bats nestle in all these caves.

Are you sure these are the only famous caves? Well, during the last years the ‘Cave Pool’ has emerged as the newest natural attraction featuring pristine turquoise waters and ‘cliff jumping’.

In April 2009 the Government of Aruba issue postage stamps with images of the three famous caves in specific denominations. The stamp of 175 cents value depicts the Baranca Sunu Cave, the stamp of 200 cents denomination depicts the Fontein Cave, and the stamp of 225 cents value shows the entrance of Quadirikiri Grot (Guadirikiri Cave).  Who knows? Maybe soon the Cave Pool will be the newest image of an Aruba’s stamp.

Due to the rugged terrain surrounding the caves it is recommended to access them by ATV’s, UTV’s and other all-terrain vehicles.


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Caves of Aruba