Day 1:  Arrival Date

If you’re flying from the US mainland, you’ll probably end up arriving sometime in the mid-afternoon. After check-in you should relax and get around the hotel area and try cocktails including the famous Ariba Aruba!

Day 2: Off-Road Day

My best recommendation is a half day ATV or UTV tour. In this tour you will enjoy the beauty of nature, explore the desert part of the island including breathtaking scenes along the way! Be prepared for pictures, lots of pictures, wear sunblock, goggles, and bandanas to protect yourself from the dust and just have lots and lots of fun!

Day 3: Snorkeling Excursion

It is highly recommended to take a snorkeling excursion, as you will enjoy of Aruba’s most turquoise and cleared waters. In the afternoon you could visit downtown for an exquisite dinner and a romantic walk at the pier around the marina.

Day 4: Beach Day and Sunset

This is your chance to just hang out at the beach all day! Nothing better than sea, sun and cocktails all day long. Prepare yourself for the sunset, a magical moment, choose your beach spot and cheers!

Day 5: Beachfront Breakfast and Home

Your flight probably will depart in the afternoon, so take your time and enjoy your last morning with a beachfront breakfast before you head for the airport.  The perfect escapade is right here!

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The Ultimate Aruba 5 Day Itinerary: Beaches and ATVenture