View of Alto Vista Chapel from my ATV

Alto Vista Chapel, or “Pilgrims Church,” is one of the most photographed attractions on the island of Aruba.

The original church was constructed in 1750 by the Caquetio Indians and Spanish though the island did not have a priest yet. This first church was built with stone walls and a straw roof. It was dedicated to Mother St. Mary, the “Mother of the Rosary” and hence considered exceptional in Aruba.
Nowadays the church, rebuilt in 1952, is visited by Christians and non-Christians for meditation and services.

Every year on Good Friday, after midnight, local Catholics gather in Oranjestad and pilgrimage on foot to Alto Vista Chapel to celebrate and keep the catholic traditions alive.

Alto Vista Chapel is one of the most popular attractions and is our #1 ‘awa di coco’ spot for our ATV’s and UTV’s off road adventures around the island of Aruba.


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